What does “o22” mean on TikTok and Instagram? What’s the New Trend?

There are always new challenges and trends on social media, and it can be hard to keep up with them on all platforms, from Instagram to TikTok. People need clarification on a new trend in some popular apps.

If you use TikTok on Instagram, you may have seen some strange user bios. Some people put a letter and a number together in their accounts. The trend is growing; many people have already added the “o22” to their bios.

Others ask what the two words together mean. ‘o33’ and ‘o45’ are other strange alpha-numerals seen on TikTok. If you need to learn the new trend, keep reading. Visit Samsunghubs to learn more about the latest news!

What does “o22” mean on TikTok and Instagram?

With the code “o22,” you can now tell the world the name of your crush or partner. The combination is used to stand in for the word “A.” When you see “o22” in someone’s Instagram bio or Notes, it means that the first letter of their love interest’s name is “A.”

So, Anthony, Austin, Amber, Ashley, or any other name could be used. In the same way, o33 stands for the letter M, and o45 stands for the letter J. For example, the characters Matt, Michael, Jason, and Jack would be read as o33 and o45. The trend is now an excellent way to tell the world about your partner without giving away their real name. Read Also – Twitter braces itself after its source code leaked online

Where did the “o22” trend come from?

The Instagram Notes Number trend includes the ‘o22’ trend. As has already been said, each alphabet letter is represented by a secret code in this trend. It started on Instagram, where people put the numbers in their Notes section. Also Read – Pepsi reveals a new logo before the brand’s 125th anniversary

But it quickly spread to TikTok, and now there are a lot of videos on the site about the trend. If you want to join the movement or figure out what all the different combos mean, we can help. Here is a list of the numbers and alphabets each of them stands for.

  • o22: A
  • o76: B
  • o99: C
  • o12: D
  • o43: E
  • o98: F
  • o24: G
  • o34: H
  • o66: I
  • o45: J
  • o54: K
  • o84: L
  • o33: M
  • o12: N
  • o89: O
  • o29: P
  • o38: Q
  • o56: R
  • o23: S
  • o65: T
  • o41: U
  • o74: V
  • o77: W
  • o39: X
  • o26: Y
  • o10: Z

So, if you have a crush on someone whose name begins with the letter S, you can use the code o23 in your story or your TikTok videos. If your crush’s name starts with the letter K, you can use the code o54.

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