The 5 best ChatGPT tips that we always use

ChatGPT is still the most popular on the internet, but most users need to learn about some of its secret features. Using the best ChatGPT tips, you can move beyond just talking and make ChatGPT work for you.

The primary input structure for the chatbot is [length] [writing results] in the style of [style]. This lets its machine learning algorithm figure out how to respond to the question it gets. This simple form can help you find many valuable tips and tricks to use daily. Here are five that we like best. Visit Samsunghubs to learn more about the latest news!

Making letters and headings

You can use ChatGPT to write short emails for any reason you want. Simple prompts like “write a 100-word email explaining why I need to take the day off for a doctor’s appointment” will give you a concise email template you can easily copy and paste. You can tell ChatGPT the number of words, the language, the subject, etc., in the alert, and it will send you an email. Please start with the parameters you want: an elevator pitch, a professional email, or an answer in a conversation.

ChatGPT is also good at making email subject lines if that’s all you need. If you can write your emails but need help with the subject, type in a question like, “Can you write me 10 subject email lines for a sales email to potential clients for my cake-baking business?” The text generator will then give you a list of choices that you can choose from to make an email header that people will want to click on. Also Read – ChatGPT Will Get Even Improved. What We Know About The New GPT-4 Neural Network

Fix my spelling and language.

Many different AI tools already work to fix spelling and grammar mistakes in writing. QuillBot is one of these tools. It is a paraphraser, a language checker, a plagiarism checker, a co-writer, and a summarizer, and it makes citations. But you have to pay to use a lot of its tools. Even though you can now pay $20 for a membership to ChatGPT Plus, you can still use the accessible version of ChatGPT to check your spelling and grammar.

You can use a prompt like “check the following text for spelling and grammar errors” to open ChatGPT’s text editor. Then, enter the text. The robot will send you back text that has been changed.

Translator for language

ChatGPT says it can translate many languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese (both primary and traditional), Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, and Danish. It admits that its versions could be better because they are made by machines that learn independently.

Still, if you need to change text quickly, having a source that can quickly and automatically translate almost 20 languages is a great choice. For longer text, you can use a question like “translate the following text into this language” and then enter the text. The robot will send you the text in the language you choose.

You can use a suggestion like “translate “the lazy dog jumped over the log” into Norwegian” for shorter texts. The text will be given back to you in Norwegian by ChatGPT. ChatGPT says it’s a good idea to have a human translator check the accuracy of essential papers. Also Read – ChatGPT’s popularity could lead to another GPU shortage

Show ChatGPT how you write.

ChatGPT is a program that is always learning. But not just because it has buttons for thumbs up and thumbs down. The YouTube channel The AI Advantage says you can teach the chatbot to write your own way. This is helpful if you have a good piece of writing you want to use as a model for writing in the same way and with the same flow in the future.

You can say, “Look at the style and tone of the following text. Use the same tone and style for all of your future replies.” Add your words to the prompt so that ChatGPT can look at it. The chatbot will explain how it will reply to questions in the future and break down the style and tone of the text. Then you can use a more common prompt to make any text you want.

You can write any text, but it’s best to stick to the same style. So, if you want to make an email, it’s best to have ChatGPT look at one of your old emails to figure out how you write. If you want the robot to write an essay, it’s best to look at an old article you’ve written. Also Read – China releases MOSS, chatbot that competes with ChatGPTs, for public testing

Using reminders to get better results

ChatGPT is designed to be an easy-to-talk-to-machine learning system that can learn from conversations. So, if the chatbot doesn’t give the best answer, you can use follow-up questions to get more information or keep the conversation going.

Another exciting way to get past the 1,000-word limit on ChatGPT is to use follow-up questions. Your first assignment might be to write the first 500 words of a 1,000-word article on XYZ. Then, say, “keep going,” and the robot will keep going for another 500 words.

This is a significant edge that ChatGPT still has over Microsoft’s recently announced Bing Chat, where conversations have been limited after a string of disturbing responses.

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