Silicon Valley Bank Swag is latest flash sale on the Internet

Move over, Twitter stuff. The Silicon Valley Bank swag is the latest to take over the Internet with a flash sale. On eBay, you can buy various clothing items with the failed bank’s logo, from jackets to tumblers. Visit Samsunghubs to learn more about the latest news!

Some sellers market their product as a piece of Silicon Valley history, while other former employees struggle to pay rent.

Also, idiots on the Internet are copying SVB’s merchandising craze by making outfits that make fun of bank runs and the company’s “Risk Management Department.”

Sellers also offer to make hats, scarves, and even blankets with the SVB brand to compensate for losing billions of dollars in cold, hard cash.

But if you want a tangible reminder of the biggest bank failure since 2008, search eBay, and you’ll find everything from water bottles to mugs with the SVB logo.

But why do people always ask if it’s a company backpack or a baseball cap? When will the SVB stamp cheese board or picnic bag be available? Also Read – CEO of Twitter Elon Musk says he’s open to buying Silicon Valley Bank

Tech Brothers Hoodie, which starts at $150, is widespread.

Silicon Valley Bank Swag is latest flash sale on the Internet

Other sellers are trying to profit from SVB’s problems with the shady bank by selling corporate products at sky-high prices.

You can feel the luxury inside the $1,000 SVB initials fleece sweater. Or, you can forget about the starting bid for the SVB Cycling Jersey ($25) and buy it directly for a great price of $13,000.

A wallet hook, an apron, and a wireless speaker are some unusual things up for auction.

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