Samsung may reintroduce your beloved Galaxy Watch 6 Pro feature

In the previous year, when Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which featured a digital crown, the company dissatisfied its following of devoted customers. Although this method was successful, it was unable to provide the same gratifying feeling of touch that one would get from having a physical bezel that rotated around the face of the watch. Visit Samsunghubs to learn more about the latest news!

We owe it to Samsung to express our gratitude for the possibility that they will go back to the policy that they had in place before in the year 2023. It has been reported by a reliable leaker (h/t SamMobile) that the rotating bezel that can be physically grasped may make a reappearance with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro.

This was demonstrated by the fact that the bezel can be physically shifted in either direction. As has been the case in previous years, it is unlikely that this function will be introduced to the Galaxy Watch 6, which is more affordable than previous models and has fewer capabilities overall.

Users are able to swiftly navigate the touch interface without having to swipe or browse if they simply rotate the bezel. This removes the necessity for these actions. Because your movement can make tapping and swiping less accurate and, as a result, more frustrating, this feature is particularly helpful when you are exercising. This is because exercise can make you sweat. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy M14 5G Launched with 90Hz Display and Exynos 1330, 6,000mAh Battery

According to a separate rumour that is different from the first one but is connected to it, Samsung may offer the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro in not just one of its standard sizes but in both of its standard sizes. Despite the fact that earlier Pro-level models, which are also referred to as “Classic” models, were available in more than one measurement, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was only made available in a single measurement of 45 millimetres.

This is in contrast to earlier Pro-level models, which were offered in a variety of sizes. A further piece of beneficial information for customers who are contemplating making a purchase is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Pro is offered in more than one measurement.

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