Samsung launch new robots and jet vacuum cleaner in India

Samsung just released its newest line of innovative home products for the Indian market. These appliances are part of its high-end Bespoke series. Some new gadgets are new vacuum cleaners from the Bespoke Jet line and a robotic vacuum cleaner. Follow our website to find out about the latest news!

Samsung Jet Vacuum Cleaner Made to Order

The new Bespoke Jet models from the South Korean tech giant come in two styles. One Clean station charges the vacuums and empties their dustbins mechanically. The Bespoke Jet model is lighter and has a better Digital Inverter Motor than its predecessor.

Bespoke Jet Pet and Bespoke Jet Pro Extra are the two new models that the company has revealed. The Bespoke Jet Pro Extra comes in a Midnight Blue color, while the Bespoke Jet Pet comes in a Woody Green color. Also Read – Samsung may reintroduce your beloved Galaxy Watch 6 Pro feature

Both models have up to 210W of advanced suction power. It also has a power pack twice as big as its predecessor’s and can run for up to 120 minutes. Samsung has also put a 99.99 percent multi-layered Filtration system in the Bespoke Jet series model. The company also claims the best design in its class, a lightweight build, an integrated digital display, a Telescopic pipe, and a dustbin that can be cleaned thoroughly.

Pricing & Availability

Samsung launch new robots and jet vacuum cleaner in India

The new Samsung Bespoke Jet Vacuum Cleaners line starts at 65,900 INR for the Jet Bot+ and goes up to 79,900 INR for the Jet Pet. The most expensive Jet Pro Extra, a vacuum, and a mop will cost 89,900 INR. The new goods will be sold on the company’s website, in Samsung Exclusive stores, through the latest Samsung Shop app, and even on Amazon India, a well-known online store.

Bespoke Jet Bot+

The new Bespoke Jet Bot+ is a robot vacuum cleaner with a charging station and a station that automatically empties its trash. LiDAR sensors help it find its way around the buyer’s home and clean it quickly and efficiently. Also Read – A New Galaxy S23 leak confirms a custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor

The device has a WiFi Smart Control, and users can also get a Live Cleaning Report that lets them see where Jet Bot+ is in the cleaning process on a virtual map and look at its cleaning past. Mouth assistants like Bixby, Alexa, and Google Home can control the Jet Bot+ with your mouth. This type comes in color Misty White and has a high-performance brush for better cleaning.

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