Pepsi reveals a new logo before the brand’s 125th anniversary

With a new logo, Pepsi is getting back to its roots. The design for the world-famous drink brand, which has been around since 2008, has been changed. The word “Pepsi” is now in the middle of the famous red, white, and blue striped globe, which has been a brand symbol since the 1950s. Visit Samsunghubs to learn more about the latest news!

With the rebranding, the soda company also wants to focus more on sugar-free goods. When it introduced its new logo, it used a can of a sugar-free soft drink as the lead image. The change came just a few months before the brand’s 125th anniversary, which will be in August.

Pepsi gets a new logo

The image has been a yin and yang globe with the word “Pepsi” written next to it for the last 15 years. The brand’s new logo, which has a modern look but also shows some of its past, came out on March 28.

The label has the search Pepsi globe and wordmark, a new color scheme of electric blue and black, a silhouette of the can that stands out, a modern style, and the search Pepsi pulse. The image will be used all over the world by 2024. In North America, it will be used by the fall of 2023. Also Read – Xiaomi India and Vi Partner to Offer 5G Connectivity: Check Out Supported Devices

The logo will then be on the brand’s packaging, promoted deals, coolers, and places where people eat. PepsiCo’s SVP and Chief create Officer, Mauro Porcini, revealed the logo and said, “At PepsiCo, we design our brands to tell a compelling and complete story.”

Pepsi is a fantastic illustration of a brand that has evolved significantly over the past 125 years in order to maintain its place in popular culture and the lives of its consumers. We created the new brand identity in order to connect our company’s history with subsequent generations of customers. We were able to accomplish this by bringing together aspects from our history with more contemporary ones in order to demonstrate that we have ambitious plans for the future.

The makeover was done to get people talking and interested in the zero-sugar line, which is the most crucial part of the brand’s plan to grow. To draw attention to the zero-line, the new image has a black font with a black border that looks like the black can of Pepsi Zero.

It will be the main focus of our marketing plan. The colas without sugar market will continue multiplying in this country. PepsiCo US CEO Ramon Laguarta had said, “We’re seeing consumers change their minds.” Also Read – The US version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 shows up on Geekbench

The brand says that Pepsi is now “Bigger and Bolder.”

Pepsi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Todd Kaplan, said following the unveiling: “Pepsi is an iconic brand constantly evolving. It has been a staple of popular culture for the past 125 years and has fundamentally altered the field. We couldn’t be more thrilled to begin a new era with the search Pepsi.

“as this exciting new look will help people find new ways to enjoy the things they love without feeling guilty,” as this exciting new look will help people find new ways to enjoy the things they love without feeling guilty,” and so on. “…as this exciting new look will make the brand stand out more extensively and more substantially.” This new visual system capitalizes on the extensive history of the search Pepsi brand while propelling it forward meaningfully, setting it up to be successful in a world that is becoming increasingly digital. Also Read – First Citizens Bank to buy Silicon Valley Bridge Bank, Know More!!

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