OpenAI could be sued for libel by the Australian mayor over ChatGPT

Because of the material generated by ChatGPT, OpenAI may be the target of the very first defamation lawsuit ever filed anywhere in the world. A lawsuit has been filed against the business by a mayor in Australia after the mayor discovered inaccurate information on a widely used AI-based chat bot. Visit Samsunghubs to learn more about the latest news!

An Australian mayor of a regional city has indicated that he is contemplating filing a lawsuit against OpenAI, the company that is responsible for the immensely popular platform, in the event that it fails to correct ChatGPT’s false claims. Also Read- OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock limited version Released in India

For the benefit of those who are unaware, the platform has made the untrue assertion that the Australian mayor spent time in jail for accepting bribes. If he goes through with the lawsuit, it will be the first time that a business has been sued for defamation due to an AI chatbot.

The individual in question is Brian Hood, who won the election for mayor of Hepburn Shire back in November of last year. However, when it was brought to his attention that ChatGPT had erroneously included his name as a member of the guilty party in a foreign bribery scandal involving a subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia in the early 2000s, he became concerned about his internet reputation. Also Read – Tencent will launch WeChat Chatbot create a ChatGPT-like app

During this time, Hood did work for the subsidiary; however, he was the one who informed authorities about the payments in question, and he was never brought up on any criminal charges as a result of his actions.

The OpenAI team has not yet commented on this development or responded to Hood’s legal missive. But if the mayor follows through with the lawsuit, he will be the first individual to sue the owner of ChatGPT for claims against its language-based AI platform. Also Read – ChatGPT just hooked itself up to the internet. What happens next?

This will be the case only if the mayor follows through with the lawsuit. Stay here for further details as they become available regarding this issue.

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