OnePlus’s CEO denies reports that the company is leaving European market

A recent report suggested that Oppo was considering withdrawing from the European market. An executive has refuted the rumor that the company and OnePlus will exit from this region. It was previously believed that this action would be taken. Visit Samsunghubs to learn more about the latest news!

For the benefit of ignorant people, recent rumors suggested that Oppo and OnePlus would leave the markets in Europe and the United Kingdom. On the other hand, a senior official named James Paterson has indicated that this is not the case, at least not for OnePlus.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer’s Global Public Relations Manager stated, “OnePlus will not exit from Europe and the UK and maintains stable operations in local markets.” OnePlus also maintains stable operations in other local markets. Also Read – Galaxy A54 5G Hands-On: Samsung’s Cheap Phone Gets a Makeover

OnePlus will keep investing in Europe and strive to offer its customers increasingly cutting-edge products and services.

Regrettably, whether Oppo intends to withdraw from this location is still being determined. According to the initial report, the businesses are leaving the region because of the challenging market conditions in Europe.

This includes problems with high sales expenses when consumers’ purchasing power was falling due to the decline in the economy. In other words, it became difficult for both brands to function in those markets in a profitable way.

As a result, Oppo decided to reduce the scope of its operations in Europe to better adapt to the circumstances in Europe. Also Read – Chipset of Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra Leaks Out Before Official Launch

According to a survey published by Counterpoint Research, the total number of smartphone shipments in Europe will drop by 17 percent in 2022. This was the worst year ever for the industry, and Oppo experienced a significant drop in revenue during the fourth quarter of 2022, with a year-over-year decrease of 39 percent.

However, it has been established that at least OnePlus intends to maintain its presence in the region and carry on with its business as usual.

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