Motorola Razr 2023 leaks indicate colorful flip phone users require

If you want a folding smartphone, there are only a few big names to choose from. Motorola is the one with the most extended history. There have been leaks of the new Moto Razr on Twitter. While they don’t show much of the phone, they offer a new way to customize the outer screen and a unique, bold red coloring. Visit Samsunghubs to learn more about the latest news!

Evan Blass, a seasoned tipster with a secret Twitter account, is the one who leaked the information. He calls it the “Motorola Razr 40 Ultra,” which adds to the idea that Motorola may release more than one version of the Razr this year, including a cheaper one called the Razr Lite. As an “Ultra,” it would make sense for these leaks to show the device’s more expensive, top-of-the-line version. As such, the “Ultra” version may have features that a “Lite” version wouldn’t have. Also Read – Intel getting ready to release power-saving Sierra Forest chip in 2024

The leaked pictures only show the top back of the folded device and focus on how the outside screen can be changed. If the shots are correct (and Blass has a good track record for leaks), the new Motorola Razr will have many customization options for the outside screen. Users can change the colors, layout, and even the sounds. It’s a complete suit that will be fun for anyone who wants to make their phone look more like them.

The pictures match up with earlier leaks, which said that the 2022 Razr’s external display would stretch to cover almost all of the top back, removing the large bezels. Unlike its closest rival, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4, the Razr has always let you use regular apps on the outer screen, which works better when there’s more space. This feature has yet to be proven to be returning, but it would be a shame if it didn’t.

Last but not least, there is a new hue. One of the pictures shows a unique red/magenta color around the device’s hinge and frame. This color hasn’t been confirmed in any way, but it likely will also be on the back of the device. At Digital Trends, we love colorful smartphones and look forward to seeing more of them. Also Read – OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock limited version Released in India

This is a guess based on leaks of a product that hasn’t been released or revealed yet, so take these ideas with a grain of salt. But Blass has an excellent track record, so if you’re a Razr fan, you can take some comfort from that. Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang said it was coming “very soon” last month, so we probably won’t have to wait too long for the Razr to be shown off.

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