Lesley Trotter? Brisbane Retired Teacher Died in Wheelie Bin Near Toowong

We have some bad news to share with you today. The body of Lesley Trotter was found. From Queensland comes this news. A 78-year-old woman has died. How did it happen? Who killed Lesley Trotter, a beautiful woman? What does she do? She used to teach in a school and then stopped.

The garbage can was where her body was found. Their body was picked up by a garbage truck and taken to where trash is thrown away. The person who removes the garbage calls the cops and tells them about her. They said they found the body of a dead woman. Visit Samsunghubs to learn more about the latest news!

Who is Lesley Trotter?

The dead woman’s body was found in a general trash wheelie bin on Maryvale Street in Toowong. This is close to where she lived, so it makes sense. This year, on March 28, in the morning. Massingham says that a garbage truck comes and picks up trash almost daily. The same thing happened in the morning: they took it to the Nudgee trash transfer station.

Massigham said that they put all the garbage in a hole. They find a dead body when they look to see what it is. Massingham told all the details about what they saw on Monday. They said that on Tuesday, 22 trucks went to that side. Also Read – ISP Trooper Killed In The Line Of Duty, James R. Bailey’s Cause of Death

Queensland police think that Lesley Trotter, who was 78, died at 12 p.m. on March 27. Last Friday, she found blood near the trash cans of her unit complex in the west Brisbane neighborhood of Toowong. The next day.
Police think the body of a former Brisbane teacher who hasn’t been seen in a while was thrown away.

After the investigation, the cops found a possible place where 78-year-old Lesley Trotter’s body was and pronounced her dead. Andrew Massingham is a Detective Superintendent. Police made it clear that they had no idea who did it.

After the cops found out where that trash was, they put a quarantine on it. This place was put under quarantine for a week. Police are looking into this case but have yet to learn more about it. Massingham gave them actual proof in the case. Her family was waiting for her to return, but when they heard this, they were devastated. Also Read – Wayne Shorter Dies at 89, Tributes Come In for Jazz Legend

Her family is very shocked by this news. All of these things happened at once. Police have done their best to investigate and catch the thief as soon as possible, and I hope they are successful.

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