The famous British fashion designer Mary Quant died at the age of 93

The British fashion designer Mary Quant, who brought the world miniskirts and hot pants that helped define the ‘Swinging Sixties’ in Britain, has died and gone to heaven. On April 13, 2023, the design icon died at the age of 93. Visit Samsunghubs to learn more about the latest news!

Who is Mary Quant?

Mary Quant was born in south-east London on February 11, 1930. Her parents were both teachers in Welsh schools. In the 1950s, she went to Goldsmiths College and got a degree in art teaching. She met her husband, Alexander Plunket Greene, in the same place. Later, he helped her start making clothes on her own.

Soon after that, Quant went to work for a high-end milliner as an apprentice. After 2 years, she opened her popular store, Bazaar, on King’s Road in the Chelsea neighbourhood of London. She made her own clothes because she didn’t like the ones she could buy in the secondhand market. Read Also – Kayleigh Scott, United Airlines flight attendant, dies to Suicide

Then, the women liked Quant’s styles a lot. She became known for her shift dresses and minidresses. In 1966, she was given an OBE for all she had done in the fashion world.

Mary Quant died on Thursday at her home in Surrey, in southern England. She was known as the “mother of miniskirts.” Her family broke the sad news that the design icon had died. Continue reading to find out what happened to the famous fashion designer Mary Quant.

What happened to Mary Quant that led to her death?

The British design queen Mary Quant died at the age of 93. She died in peace at her Surrey, London, home. “Dame Mary, who was 93 years old, was one of the most well-known fashion designers of the 20th century and a great innovator of the Swinging Sixties,” said a statement from her family.

Her family went on to say, “She opened her first store, Bazaar, on the Kings Road in 1955, and her creativity and ability to see the big picture quickly made her a unique part of British fashion.” During that exciting decade, Mary is said to have come up with the miniskirt and hot pants and created the mod style. She put fun into fashion, and London became known for the freedom, energy and popular culture of ‘The Chelsea Girl’.

The statement went on to say, “The V&A’s hugely successful Mary Quant exhibition, which covers the first 20 years of her career, 1955–1975, will open at Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Museum next month. It has already been to Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, and Japan, and it will be in London in 2019 and Dundee in 2020.”

Her family went on to say, “At the time, Dame Mary Quant was reported as saying, “It was a lot of joy, and even though we worked hard and fast, we had a lot of fun.” We didn’t realise what we were doing was revolutionary because we were too preoccupied with taking advantage of all the opportunities and relishing the results before moving on to the next task! Read Also – Do Kwon, captured crypto fugitive, faces extradition to U.S. and South Korea

The end of the statement said, “Her husband Alexander Plunket Greene died in 1990, and she is survived by her son Orlando, three grandchildren, and her brother Tony Quant.” As of right now, no one knows for sure what happened to Mary Quant.

In a 1967 interview with The Guardian, Mary said, “Good taste is death, vulgarity is life.” In addition to this, she brought the length up to well above the knee and designed short dresses and skirts with straightforward silhouettes and vivid hues, which she referred to as “arrogant, aggressive, and sexy.”

The 2015 New Year’s Honours list named her a Dame. At the time, Quant said, “The mini was invented by the girls on King’s Road. I made clothes that you could run and dance in, and we made them to whatever length the customer wanted. I wore them very short, and people would tell me to make them even shorter. Read Also – TikTokers Puff and Jackie are said to have died in South Africa

Mary said this about the first 20 years of her career: “It was very exciting, and even though we worked very hard, we had a lot of fun. We didn’t always know what we were doing was groundbreaking because we were too busy enjoying all the opportunities and the results before moving on to the next challenge.

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