ChatGPT’s popularity could lead to another GPU shortage

ChatGPT has wholly taken over the internet. OpenAI’s artificial intelligence is the chatbot that is now considered the most advanced of its kind anywhere in the world. While many people are benefiting from this technological marvel at no cost, its unforeseen consequences have already begun to emerge. The most recent studies suggest that ChatGPT could cause another shortage of GPUs. Visit Samsunghubs to learn more about the latest news!

It has been revealed that OpenA employs 10,000 Nvidia GPUs to train the ChatGPT to deliver fascinating and unique responses. It is projected that Google would need 4,102,568 Nvidia A100 GPUs to integrate AI into its services, which could cost the corporation an astounding $100 billion. This is because other tech giants like Microsoft and Google are keen to include AI in their offerings. Also Read – What is Blockchain and NFT? in 2000 word

There may be a need for more graphics cards due to the strong demand for GPUs to train AI models. The most recent one was due to the massive demand from cryptocurrency mining. Since Nvidia cards currently contain the most advanced AI cores available on the market, the GPU scarcity will likely only impact Nvidia cards’ sales.

However, competing businesses such as AMD and Intel recognize the significant market opportunity and profit potential. They may exert more effort to compete with Nvidia in artificial intelligence.

AMD may be able to fill the void left in the gaming business if Nvidia decides to focus more on artificial intelligence. A lack of graphics processing units (GPUs) from Nvidia could lead gamers to switch to AMD.

However, you should anticipate a further increase in the cost of graphics cards if Nvidia follows through with its plan to manufacture additional GPUs for AI training.

Frustration among gamers and disruption in other fields that rely heavily on graphics processing units (GPUs), such as research and development, animation, and video editing, are all possibilities in this scenario. Also Read – Which SEO strategy is the most effective?

Therefore, if you have a graphics card that you are considering purchasing and anticipate that the costs will decrease even further, consider making your purchase as soon as possible.

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