ChatGPT users can’t view their conversation histories, but Open AI is fixing it

Since a few days ago, people who use ChatGPT have been having trouble with the AI robot. Many people have said they can’t see their conversation history on the app, which is a feature that lets you continue conversations from the past.

The problem has happened to both free users and paid customers. When short summaries of the chat logs were sent to people who weren’t meant to see them, the problem got even worse. Then, on March 20, Open AI had to shut down the website for a few hours.

Due to a bug in ChatGPT, conversation history can’t be accessed.

On Sunday, many ChatGPT users shared on social media that they got an error message when they tried to look at their chat logs. The warning said, “History isn’t available right now. We’re working to bring this back as soon as we can.” A bug also lets other users see short summaries of some users’ discussions. Also Read – Google allow early access to its ChatGPT rival Bard. Details Here!

The site was down for almost 12 hours Monday while Open AI worked to fix the problem. Later, the servers were back up, and the company said, “Service is back, but chat history is still not available. We know why the chat history was lost and are working to get it back right now.”

But the chat history still needed to be available as late as Tuesday. Open AI sent another update saying, “We’ve fully fixed ChatGPT for all users. We’re still working on giving people access to their old chat history.” Also Read – Which AI assistant is better, ChatGPT or Bing Chat?

ChatGPT 4 was released a while ago.

The problem started just a few days after ChatGPT 4, a new model language for chatbots, was made public. The latest version is a significant improvement over the old one, version 3.5 because it lets you add images and movies and can handle more than 25,000 words instead of just 3,000.

ChatGPT 4 is only open to people who have paid for it. The membership to ChatGPT Plus costs $20 per month. Those who use the chatbot for free can still use the older form. The company that made the robot, Open AI, recently teamed up with Microsoft and got a $10 billion investment from the tech giant. Also Read – The 5 best ChatGPT tips that we always use

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