The Animated version of “Stranger Things” is in works at Netflix

Fans of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things will be happy to hear this. You will be taken back to the world where everything is upside down. Netflix recently announced a new cartoon show that will take place in the same world as Stranger Things.

We know that all Stranger Things fans are jumping for joy right now. Keep reading to learn more about the Stranger Things cartoon series the big streaming company bought.

Netflix has ordered a cartoon series called “Stranger Things.”

The world of Stranger Things is growing! On Monday, April 10, 2023, the streaming service said an animated series based on the famous show is in the works. The Duffer Brothers, who made Stranger Things, will work with Eric Robles of Flying Bark Productions, Shawn Levy, and Dan Cohen of 21 Laps to make the unnamed show. Read Also – Watch official Peter Pan & Wendy trailer before Disney Plus launches on April 28

The Duffer Brothers have stated that they had “always wanted” “Stranger Things” to be animated in the style of the Saturday morning cartoons that they enjoyed watching when they were children, and the fact that this desire has now come true has been very thrilling for them.

Matt and Ross Duffer also said, “We couldn’t be more impressed with what Eric Robles and his team have done. The scripts and artwork are amazing, and we can’t wait to show you more!” “The story goes on…”

The famous show has been turned into an animated movie for a while now. Currently, it’s yet to be discovered when the cartoon spin-off series Stranger Things will be available on Netflix. Fans can wait until then for the show’s fifth and last season.

All need to know about fourth season of “Stranger Things.”

In May 2022, Netflix released Season 4 of the show Stranger Things. There were a lot of shocking deaths and unexpected turns in the show’s fourth season. In that season of the thriller, the kids tried to beat the evil Vecna, who seemed to be an extension of the monsters they had been facing since season 1.

In season 4 of Stranger Things, Netflix’s most popular English-language show ever, we saw Sadie Sink’s character Max make her way to his home in the Upside Down. (against her wishes). She just barely made it.

As show fans eagerly wait for season 5, they still don’t know what will happen to Max. In the last scene, she is in a coma, and some of the last things she said made it seem like the monster may have blinded her. Read Also – Star Wars: The Bad Batch’s third and final season coming

When will season 5 of “Stranger Things” start to be filmed?

For those asking, filming for season 5 of the famous Netflix show Stranger Things will begin in June. The much-anticipated fifth season will be the last season of the show.

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